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Room Additions

Room Additions

Room additions is our game changing service for home owners that want to create more living space in their existing building. This is an affordable approach compared to a new home construction.

But here is the thing, it can be a tricky business working around your existing structure and making the new development fit seamlessly, And since it is also a huge financial investment, it is vital you rely on room addition specialists with years of experience,

At Premier Remodeling & Design. Inc, our veteran room addition contractors of over 1000+ completed room addition projects know how best to tear down the old walls without putting the entire building at risk, they also know how to work in occupied buildings to get the job done as expected.

Because we pursue a satisfying outcome, we are meticulous from planning through execution. At the initial planning phase we bring on-board an Architect who will go over your needs and requirements then suggest the most suitable line of action.

How can we help you?

  • If your family has grown or need more rooms for your grown up kids
  • We can help you improve the value and function of your property
  • Our room addition services can also boost the aesthetics of your property
  • Need to correct a major structural flaw? We will get that done for you
  • We can repair and correct a poorly completed room addition carried out by other contractors
  • Need advice, confused or got question, you can get them from our experts- get in touch right away
  • We can help you meet regulatory and environmental requirements
  • To help you plan appropriately, we’ll get you a free quote

A room addition project can seem daunting, and of a truth it can be very challenging even for the most competent contractors. Luckily, you’ve got a reliable partner you can let handle the hard work while you can kiss the skies.

We are a licensed, bonded, insured room addition contractor that have grown a reputation of handling the most difficult task others turned down or have botched.

Want to discover how we can get you a study, extra bathroom or a stylish corner room “out of nowhere”? Talk to us now, our ideas are simply stunning!

Competent room additions experts

It pays to have a team that is highly skilled and trained to handle your property. And if this team consist of experienced professionals wielding cutting edge tools, then you just hit jackpot. Because no matter the size of complexity of your project, they always have a trick off their sleeve that will meet your needs and leave a masterpiece behind that you can’t stop marveling about.

Genuine construction materials

In as much as we are proud of our skills, we know we can only achieve much without the use of industry grade materials of the highest quality. So we scour the market to bring to your project the highest grade materials at the best price to guarantee that your room additions are built to stand elegantly and last long.

We are on your side

Information is power, so we share that power with you because at the end the day, your satisfaction is our priority. This means, whether it’s a question you have to throw at us, or you need a clarification why regarding our procedures, we are always pleased to lead you by the hand through the entire process from first contact to project completion.