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Your roof matters a lot, we will make it count

The roof of every building can be one of its most valuable assets. From protecting the building from the elements to holding it all together, your roof is one of the first things to catch the eye. It is also an opportunity to take your building into the future through forward thinking solution based roofing solutions.

At Premier Remodeling & Design. Inc, we can make your roof do much more for you.

First off, we make sure only quality materials find their way to your property. Every item is carefully sourced- whether it is the shingles or coatings, we don’t compromise on quality which means you can be confident in the roof over your head.

We also handpick our roofing experts who will work on your project. This is in line with providing you with a tailored service. Meaning that you would be in company of professionals that are adequately trained to work around your schedule, skilled to fix your challenges, experienced enough to handle the complexities of the project and wielding the proper tools to get the job done on time and on budget.

So whether you need a new roof, need an old one replaced, or would like to fix a leaking or damaged roof, whether completely or just a section, we’ve been able to exceed the expectations of almost every client we’ve worked with from private home owners to big time commercial property developers.

Our expertise and the fact we’ve been around the block for a while means we know more than the average roofing contractor about providing you with roofs that will last the test of time yet won’t leave a major hole in your budget.

You can depend on our quality roofing solutions, keen eyes on details, personalized approach that is aimed at taking the fuss out of getting a functional and gorgeous roof over your head.

Our capabilities include:
Roofing assessment and appraisals

Using cutting edge tools, best practices, and vast experience, trust our roofing contractors to provide you with an accurate status about your roof which will allow you make an informed decision. That’s not all, we gladly suggest suitable corrective measures if needed.

Roof replacement

Sometimes, we help clients cut cost after we’ve determined following thorough assessment of the roof that replacement of shingles or repair works will suffice to give your building a like new roof.

New roof installations

Sometimes the best solution is a new roof, whether it is for a new building, the client’s choice, or in situation where the old roof can’t serve purpose again, we’ll do just that while adding exciting new twist or sticking to the old design.

Cladding and Roof coatings

To help you prolong the lifespan of your roof or help drive energy cost, you’ll find our cladding and roof coatings services as reliable and efficient as they get.

Need a roofing contractor near you? We are reliable and value for money because in every project:

  • We deliver first class roof solutions
  • We efficient practices and technology to help drive cost down
  • You’re guaranteed quality, industry grade, genuine, roofing materials sourced directly from reputable brands.
  • You are entitled to a free no-obligation quote
  • We are Licensed, insured and certified roofing contractors
  • Your roof will be completed on-time in accordance to project specifications

With consistent quality service delivery since inception, our clients have all come to see us as the best in the business. While that is flattering we always strive to exceed our previous performances beginning from your project- talk to us now and discover what we can do for you.

Long lasting roof for your building

This is our promise to you and with excellent skills, cutting edge tools, and genuine materials, our experienced teams of roofing contractors use their skills and unmatched methods have been able to deliver always. No leaks and no blotched outcomes. Just that wow feeling whenever you look at your roof.

Getting rid of molds

Molds thrive in wet environments and in some seasons your roof becomes a perfect home for this disease causing organism. But that shouldn’t be. So we’ll provide your roof with adequate drainage to help prevent mold from taking over your roof and putting your home at risk.

Exquisite finish; beautiful roof

Nothing gives us more pride than seeing our clients blush when they look towards their roof. Who says your roof can’t inspire pride has not had the privilege of having our roofing experts on their roof. We use colors, patterns, designs, and other little known trick to give your building a befitting crown that stands out from the pack and even in the face of the harshest of elements.