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New Home Construction

New Home Construction

You want to build a new home; that is the easy part. Now you just have to ensure the construction contractor is the right candidate for the job to avoid sad endings.

At Premier Remodeling & Design. Inc, we are all about a happy ending, and we pursue this vision with the dedication your huge investment deserves.

Details like budget, scheduling, project timeline, and quality of materials are issues that we take serious. Otherwise there is no point to get started at all. In every facet of constructing a new building what we bring to the table include: customer support, industry-based experience, hands-on expertise, and a iron clad guarantee to stand behind our work.

To get started you’ll be delighted in our free no obligation quote and consultation that would help you plan and budget. And when you finally sing off with us, you’re buying into finding success, a happy ending, an edifice that is both a legacy and a statement.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we collaborate with you, listening to your concerns ideas, and opinions; we are able to personalize our services to meet your demands in as much as it meets industry and regulatory standards. And if you’ve got an architect you’ll want to work with? We will be glad to oblige.

What else?

  • You’ll be regularly updated and proposed changes shared with you for approval in a bid to assure your satisfaction.
  • We use genuine materials and cutting edge equipment from start to finish thus certifying that your building will meet and pass safety, regulatory, and certification standards.
  • With advancement in technology, we are proud to bring to you the latest in building design, construction, and equipment.
  • And to see your building helps you save cost, we employ eco friendly and sustainable solutions targeted at reducing energy and utility bills while helping conserve the earth’s resources.

By completing every project on-time and on-budget, we’ve built a reputation in the industry for reliable construction solutions. We are able to build a strong reputation because we provide experts that trend-on, hands-on, and grounded in the knowledge required to solve the most complex problems. Form masons, plumbers, to roof installers, with us all your needs are covered.

From the simple to complex, big and small we are known for:

  • Unbeatable construction services
  • Competitively priced new home construction contractor in Los Angeles.
  • Experience spanning decades in every aspect of building design and construction
  • Sustainable building solutions
  • Professional, courteous, and helpful customer support
  • Qualified, skilled, and highly trained building experts