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Exterior and Interior Paint

Exterior and interior paint

Exterior and interior painting that will make your property pop!

Looking for that one trick to make your property shimmer? Then don’t lose the opportunity that exterior and interior painting brings to the table. When you apply a new paint to your property, you not only give it refreshing new look, but it gives you a good shot at making a great first impression. This is vital for businesses and home owners alike.

Rather to the contrary, applying a new coat of paint to your building is not money down the drain. Today, thanks to our innovative techniques, creativity, and world class paint brands, our exterior and interior paint will surely pay you in more ways than just looks.

A attractive paint gives your building and business premises a radiance that everyone will like to identify with. It shows that you are not careless; it demonstrates you are serious about being a property owner or a business operator and it can protect the value of your property.

Clean, environmentally friendly paints will give your home a welcoming feeling and will also ensure the health and safety of occupants.

Call to us today, our options includes paints that can help you protect your building, save energy, and improve branding. We’ve developed a strong reputation in excellent painting solution for any part of any type of building irrespective of size and function.

While we a proud of our growing list of happy customers, we stay true to values such as customer satisfaction, quality services, and budget-friendly solutions.

And our priority as always is to ensure you are happy with your exterior and interior paints.

While we hire the best available talents in the industry, we ensure our staff get the best training to help them implement the latest painting methodologies and also in handling state-of-the-art equipment to meet and exceed what you ever imagined.

We believe your building is different – it is unique so does the solution. We’ll roll out the most appropriate equipment and use the right paints that are most suitable for your building, environment and purpose.

Looking forward to having a beautiful new paint for the exterior or interior part of your building?
Here are some frequently asked Questions:

We use safe and environmentally friendly high-grade industry standard paints from top brands that are guaranteed to withstand the elements and last long after application. Name your color, we got it, and if you desire Matte Finish, gloss finish, Eggshell Finish, semi-gloss finish, Satin Finish, Semi-gloss Finish etc, we’ve got you covered too.

Yes it is. We provide caulking and sealing to help prevent your valuables from becoming ruined.

As part of our service, we will safely get rid of the mess that results from the painting project.

Yes, contact us here for your free no obligation estimate for your building.

We are licensed, insured and certified painters with clearance. We will be glad to let you see our documents of approval.

Don’t risk your success; trust an experienced exterior and interior painter that offer you guarantees:

  • We provide warranties to cover for damages we are guilty of.
  • We stand behind every painting work we do
  • We only sign out when you’re satisfied otherwise we will re-do and get it right.

Why us?

Here are some reasons residence of Contact  choose our exterior and interior painting services above others:

  • We are a comprehensive painter with the skills and capabilities to successfully complete painting projects for both commercial and residential buildings
  • Others might promise you competitive prices, we guarantee you a ridiculously cheap painting service that is customized to your needs and requirements.
  • We will never use inferior, toxic, paints for your building
  • Want a painter that is fast? We’ll are happy to let you know we will complete the task before the deadline date.
  • We have special skills and equipments that allow us work in occupied and populated sites.
  • For your peace of mind, our painters are background checked and certified trustworthy
  • With over 1000+ projects completed and zero fail rate, our high retention rate is testament to the quality we promise you

Make your building shine, inside or outside, our exterior and interior paint solution is just what you need. Contact us now for your free quote.

Interior & Exterior

We use environmentally friendly non-toxic paints from leading brands to give you a quality delivery that will stand the test of time. So also, the choice of paint will depend on your need, taste, color, and other factors. Whatever the case whether it is Matte, Satin, Eggshell, Matte Finish, Eggshell Finish, Satin Finish, Semi-gloss Finish etc., quality, safety, and your satisfactions wins!


Every part of your home deserves to be pampered. From the ceiling to the walls, we have the right paint to make every view of your property picture perfect. It’s all in the skills and its application, at Premier Remodeling & Design, we’ve got both.


When looking to painting your stucco you need a contractor that realizes it has to breathe and a heavy pile roller is needed to coat it. These little details can make or ruin your project so when it comes to your stucco we’ll put out all the stops to ensure hairline cracks are covered and the outcome is nothing short of awesome.