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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel experts: put your bathroom remodeling project in safe hands.
Our Bathroom remodel services are designed to improve comfort, boost allure, and inspire pride in the value and beauty of your home beginning from your bathroom.Your bathroom not only plays a significant role but it accounts for a major opportunity to save water and energy bills. And at Premier Remodeling & Design. Inc, we’ve provided home owners bathroom remodeling solutions for decades that are designed to take their bathrooms to another level by undertaking every aspect from design, resources management, convenience, and hygiene etc.

When you think of your bathroom, you might see a challenge, but here at Premier Remodeling & Design. Inc, we see a great opportunity. We can alter, customize, and rebuild your bathroom whether in full or a section to suit your taste, needs, and give you the outcome of your dreams.

And by supporting you all the way – giving you free advice and suggestions, plus making sure our experience counts in complex situations, we aim to take the hassle away from the entire bathroom remodeling project.

So don’t worry about what color will fit, which vanity will complement the fixtures, or how and who will clear the mess created from the project. We got you covered from start to a finish that will leave you breathless.

Our staff can work to fit your schedule, they can handle large bathrooms, and if your bathroom is worn and tired looking they know how to give it an edge.

No two bathroom remodel project is the same, so a tailored solution driven approach is essential to you finding success and that is we promise to deliver in all our bathroom remodeling services including:

Basic bathroom remodeling

Like the name implies, this solution is not extensive and perfect if your bathroom still has its fixtures and other accessories in great condition. However, make no mistake about it; your bathroom will be transformed to look and feel new all over again without huge cost implications,

Bathroom Layout remodeling

Over time the layout of our bathrooms can begin to look boring and by changing the layout, you can instantly give your bathroom a new vibe, look, and attitude. While this might sound simplistic, our experience and special equipment allows us to move heavy fixtures like your tub efficiently without damaging them or your property. In the end, once the task is completed, you’ll be blown away by the magic we leave behind.

Bathroom remodeling designed to make small bathrooms appear larger

This is an art as it is science. And in any case and in many ways, we can make create more room for the smallest bathrooms. This can include using slender fixtures, floating storage areas, and colors to give your bathroom an airy feel and more accommodating room.

Comprehensive bathroom transformation

In some cases, the options above won’t cut it. So it is time to tear down, change, and rebuild and from the seemingly ashes, a new, improved, and astonishing bathroom will rise which you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

Luckily, when you allow us to remodel your bathroom, we not only improve its looks, we will also make your day while at it because:

  • Our prices are very competitive which translates into keeping more cash in your wallet.
  • Our experience will allow us to navigate and succeed where others have failed in handling remodeling for complex projects and bathrooms in high-traffic buildings. Chances are we’ve handled something similar in the past, and the lessons learnt will be to your own advantage.
  • As reputable contractors in the industry, our relationship spans major suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders which means we not only fix your bathroom, we handle all other aspect too thus saving you the stress and resources it would have cost you.
  • We are serious about making your jaw drop. So we hire and train the best bathroom remodeling contractors who will not fail in producing the desired results.
  • Being competent and trustworthy, you can go to sleep guaranteed that your needs will be met and exceeded on-time and on-budget yet ensuring your home and property are safe
  • Our professionalism is second to none. Well dressed, courteous, and highly responsive, our teams are not only competent, they make for good company
  • Sounds like what you can do with right? Get in touch now expect so much more.

Vintage Finishing

With thousands of options to choose from, vintage finishing presents more ways than one to take your bathroom from “meh” to “oh wow.”


Vanities are not only lovely, personal, and eye-catching; we can use them to give your bathroom a impactful style uplift.


Yes, with colors you can bring your bathroom to life from the dead. Throw in some excitement, from the walls, to the cabinets, we know how to use colors to give you a bathroom with a spa-like semblance.

Make your Bathroom remodel go wow!

At Premier Remodling & Design. Inc, we’ll make you a bet: once we’re done, your bathroom will blow your mind away at the same time we will help you cut cost. Take up our bet, get in touch now.