Best-in-class industry practices meets astounding trove of capabilities to give you a wow-worthy haven-like home

Premier Remodeling & Design. Inc, represents a new breed of industry-competent builders who presents a disruptive fresh customer-focused approach to building construction delivering tailored, cost-efficient, and solution driven services for clients- residential or commercial.


Our experience, competence, and insistence on using industry-grade genuine materials allow us to succeed where others have failed in completing complex projects. »


At the heart of what we do is the provision of customer focused services. From free quotes, to free advice our staff will do all that is required to help you achieve success. »


Our prices are very competitive which translates into keeping more cash in your wallet. »


We are serious about making your jaw drop. So we hire and train the best talents available who will not fail in producing the desired results. »


100% Customers satisfaction, material warranty, and we stand fully behind our work. We’ll only sign off when you’re satisfied! »


Being competent and trustworthy, you can go to sleep guaranteed that your needs will be met and exceeded on-time and on-budget yet ensuring your home and properties are well taken care of. »

What we do

Whether you need a new room or need to stop a leaking roof, or need a stunning new home constructed, our experts are on hand to take the hassle off your project.

We are relied upon in Contact for:

3D Designe

Kitchen & Bath

Exterior & Interior

Room Additions

Kitchen remodeling

Your kitchen means a lot to us here at Premier Remodeling & Design, Inc.. And when it comes to “kitchen remodeling”, we believe in giving you so much more than that place you prepare meals and hang out with the family. That is why whenever we are called upon for any kitchen remodeling project we consider it a pleasure and we strive to reward your faith in us.

Bathroom remodeling

Our Bathroom remodel services are designed to improve comfort, boost allure, and inspire pride in the value and beauty of your home beginning from your bathroom.

So don’t worry about what color will fit, which vanity will complement the fixtures, or how and who will clear the mess created from the project. We got you covered from start to a finish that will leave you breathless.

Exterior and interior paint

Looking for that one trick to make your property shimmer? Then don’t lose the opportunity that exterior and interior painting brings to the table. When you apply a new paint to your property, you not only give it refreshing new look, but it gives you a good shot at making a great first impression. This is vital for businesses and home owners alike.


Property owners are always looking for new ways to give their buildings an edge in terms of function and appearance. Bespoke, superb, and creative flooring solutions can help you easily help you reach these goals.

Whatever your concern or needs, we will help you complete your flooring project without fuss.

Room additions

Room additions is our game changing service for home owners that want to create more living space in their existing building. This is an affordable approach compared to a new home construction.


The roof of every building can be one of its most valuable assets. From protecting the building from the elements to holding it all together, your roof is one of the first things to catch the eye. It is also an opportunity to take your building into the future through forward thinking solution based roofing solutions.

At Premier Remodeling & Design, Inc, we can make your roof do much more for you.


You want to build a new home; that is the easy part. Now you just have to ensure the construction contractor is the right candidate for the job to avoid sad endings.

At Premier Remodeling & Design, Inc, we are all about a happy ending, and we pursue this vision with the dedication your huge investment deserves.

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